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Bed Bug Control

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What is bedbug? Bedbug is a wingless and blood sucking insect. They are flat, around 4-5mm long and reddish brown. Their excretions and droppings come with a bad smell. In the daytime, they love to hide in different areas where we sleep and rest like bedding, carpet, flooring, wall, frames, wallpaper and any exposed cracks. They always wait until midnight and forage us through our temperature and carbon dioxide emitted by us.
Common reasons of having bedbug infestations They normally spread from the infected person through our clothes, accessories or bags in crowded and public areas like hotels, dormitory, cinema and public transport.
Effective way to treat bedbug Normally, stream with 48-50 degree Celsius can kill most of the bedbugs. With our professional streamer which can emit stream with 100 degree Celsius, they can be killed immediately once contact. Environmental friendly chemical will be sprayed afterward to strengthen the killing effect.
Streaming can also be used for treating dust mite or general sanitation.

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