Codi Services Limited

Rodent Control

Rodent control and prevention Serious rodent infestations are always related to the hygiene of the surround environment. An in depth onsite inspection will be carried out to locate their activities before the treatment. During the inspection, our technicians will carefully observe and inspect the evidence like droppings and damaged objects to further confirm the situation. Method one: Blocking their way Blocking the exit for rodent is a significant step to eliminate the rodent problem. Gaps near the doorframe, pipes and ducts can be fixed or filled with metal net or concrete which prevent them to intrude into the protected area.
Method two: Rodent Baiting stations Rodent baiting stations can be installed to the high risk and infestation areas to further monitoring and eliminate the rodent problem.
Method three: Rodent Glue Trap Rodent glue trap can be placed to their infested area for trapping. They will be totally stuck on the glue trap once contact.
Method four: Ultrasonic rodent Repeller Ultrasonic rodent repeller can be installed to their infested area, its ultra-low frequency will create a unfavorable environment and drive them away.
False ceiling will be checked to ensure the location of rodent acitivty
A rodent has been stucked on a rodent glue trap inside the false ceiling